Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm African American. Can Someone explain tanning or sunburns to me?

I dont understand why people tan people dont really look any better with a tan.

I've never had a sunburn so what causes it and how does it feel

I'm African American. Can Someone explain tanning or sunburns to me?
You have a lot more melanin in your skin, which protects skin from the effects of ultraviolet radiation in sunlight. Exposure to sunlight activates whatever melanin is present in your skin, making it darker, and protecting it from burning.

If you are pale, you need to get a tan in stages. Spend maybe five or ten minutes a day in the sun for a few weeks. That will generally be enough to start activating the melanin in your skin and eventually result in a tan, which will allow you to spend progressively more time in the sun.

Touch a hot iron or hot stove, that's what sun burn feels like all over your body. If you've had a burn of any kind, that is what sunburn is. It can be mild or very bad, like a third degree burn. It is a real burn.

Very pale people have very little melanin and are more susceptible to sunburn and skin cancer. Those with freckles are probably the most susceptible, because their melanin is not evenly distributed.

Albinos have no melanin in their skin and can suffer severe burns or death with too much exposure to the sun. So when outdoors, you have a distinct advantage over lighter skinned individuals.
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Reply:well... sunburn really hurts. and it feels like your skin is peeling (cuz usually it is) the sun causes it.
Reply:The sun causes it! The paler your skin, the quicker you burn. It feels hot and hurts to the touch and looks red. Sometimes your skin peels off afterwards. You have to use sun block. Even people with dark skin should use sun protection.
Reply:the sun dehydrates your skin....

that's why it peels...

and feels uncomfortable...

it hurts when it's a really bad sunburn...

just as bad as when you get burn from.. let's say the oven....

people tan because they don't like being too white....

simply a fashion thing
Reply:some people do look better with a tan, but tanning make some people look orange. but this is a good question, because i always wondered about sunburns to. it looks real nasty how the skin come off and stuff.
Reply:I am a pasty white chick and have been all my life.

My skin tone is not solid some red splotches and other color splotches here and there.

I could wear face paint - I mean fondation - to smooth out my color - but before too long it just sweats off or looks unnatural.

If I had a tan, I think my skin tone will be an even color - which just looks healthier. And tan kind of has a its own glow to it and matches my blond hair color better.

So - all my life, I've been chasing a tan - especially for a big event like a wedding or prom or anytime I expect my picture to be taken.

But, since I am a pasty white chick, more often than not, my tanning attempts have ended up as sun burn.

Sun burns tighten your skin - so your face feels tighter when you smile or your elbow, knee and hip joints hurt when they stretch to move. Also, your nerves are right there on top of your skin - so any breeze or rubbing on your skin will also be felt.

That's my story anyway.
Reply:White people think they look better with a bronze glow. They get sunburned because they don't have any melanin in their skin to protect them from the sun. I guess. It hurts, stings, and is sensitive to the touch. They don't feel it when they are outside acquiring the burn, but the next day, they feel the hurt.
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Reply:People tan because it makes them look thinner and also gives the skin a softer feel if not over tanned. Also, people tan because they don't want to glow in the dark.

I used to tan a lot to define my body when I worked out but I over exposed and tanned while I had toxins in my body which has caused me to not be able to tan at all now. When I tan now it is reversed...I get white spots and then it spreads.

Sunburn is caused from not using correct moisturizers and lotions to block the intense of rays that the sun gives off.

A little sunlight is fine in small amounts at a time but a lot of sun is bad for your skin causing it to burn a layer of skin causing it to hurt; which causes peeling and then could cause skin damage or skin diseases such as the worst cancer.
Reply:Be happy you've never gotten sunburn.....I like being pale, but I burn so easily. Ten minutes out in the sun and I'm a lobster unless I have sunscreen on. Even THEN I'm a littel pink haha.

One time I got sunburn in February. FE-BRU-AR-Y. And it's not even like I live in Florida. I'm from New Jersey hahaha.

You should probably still wear sunscreen though, because the sun will still do damage to your skin, even if it is not extremely noticable as mine is.

Sunburn only hurts if it's really deep/bad. Mine rarely hurts.
Reply:Sunburn is literally a burn on your skin. It is a burn from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The consequence of this burn is inflammation of the skin. Injury can start within 30 minutes of exposure. Certain light-skinned and fair-haired people are at greater risk of sunburn injury.

Initially, your skin turns red about 2-6 hours after exposure and feels irritated. The peak effects are noted at 12-24 hours.

Mild and uncomplicated cases of sunburn usually result in minor skin redness and irritation. Untreated and with enough exposure, you can experience shock (poor circulation to vital organs) and even death (sun poisoning). Sufficient exposure can become remarkably painful.

Why people want a tan I don't know either. Some think they look better. I am a African Amer. also and I like my skin color the way it is even though I do tan some. I have experienced a slight sunburn which could have been worse if I didn't know when to take cover. Everyone is different though.

In the long run it will effect those who soak up to much, it causes premature aging as well.

God Bless.
Reply:Tanning is bad.

If people want to darken their skin -- a

product like 'Fake Bake' is much better.


If you go to tanning beds,?

why do you go? I go for the tan, but it is so relaxing to me. YOU?

If you go to tanning beds,?
I go not just for the tan ,but to relax and take a 20 minute nap. When you have 5 kids it is the best thing to do to relax! And I also go because of my degenerative arthritis. it helps take the pain away. I always come out smiling and feeling so much better.
Reply:I think people look better with a little tan. Also it is soooo relaxing especially if you live in a cold area. It's a little peace of sunnyshine for 30 min. It also helps clear of skin acne...
Reply:om i like massages
Reply:I love having glowing skin... plus it does feel sooo relaxing! I love the warmth.
Reply:Its very relaxing but I like the tan


What is the Best tanning product to use?

I have very fair skin and this spring I wanna try and get a tan. But I don't know what product to use. I need something inexpensice, but effective. It also needs to be something that doesn't look like I've been eating too many carrots. Thanks!

What is the Best tanning product to use?
u can use uv-avo,this cream is available in any of the medicals..........
Reply:just get a natural tan using skin defense cream.
Reply:The Sun:)
Reply:Johnson and Johnson Holiday Skin is AWESOME!!! A light natural looking tan with out streaking
Reply:xen tan lotion.

How do you remove tanning spray?

i spray tanned myself for a school dance and now that its coming off its patchie and looks like shlt lol. how do i get it off??

(i used loreal sublime bronze spray.)

How do you remove tanning spray?
Exfoliate. Rub salt with olive oil on your body. It will scrub off the tan. Then shower of course.
Reply:you should definitily do it fast. oil works and go in the shower and scrub off gently not so hard or else you will hurt your skin...use soap,,oil, salt bath scrub

Scars :o( [also sunless tanning]?

i need to lighten scars fast, summer is here, and i want to wear shorts! but im too embarassed by my scarred up legs.

Please help, it will be greatly appriciated... im desperate for any solution right about now.

Also, can anyone recommend sunless tanners that work really well? or know if a spray tan will cover up scars?

Scars :o( [also sunless tanning]?
Mederma , vitamin E, and coco butter
Reply:Vitamin E works wonders!

Best self tanner or gradual tanning lotion?

what have you used, what results did you get, what do you recommend? brand, where to buy, etc.

(i have light skin with brown/yellow undertones if that helps).

Best self tanner or gradual tanning lotion?
I have a very similar skin type as you and the only lotion that doesn't turn me orange is the Jergen's. It also has the plus of being not that expensive!
Reply:I have been using Toma's Tan Perfect for several years now. I have tried many other products, but this is the best. Fake Bake is also great, but Toma's is cheaper. You can buy it at Sally's Beauty Supply. Report It

Reply:Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. Get it @ Walmart.
Reply:my friend is super-dark now %26amp; she has been using jergens natural glow for face, banana boat dial-a-tan %26amp; l`oreal sublime glow, she uses all 3 of these at once, layering them (jergens %26amp; banana boat on face, %26amp; banana boat %26amp; l`oreal for body)...she buys them at cvs or walmart...
Reply:For self tanner- best one is Fake Bake- can be found at

For bronzing moisturizer- I like Loreal Sublime Glow
Reply:ban de soile


Vaseline Self tanning lotion VS Jergens tanning lotion?

Has anyone used both? Which has a less orangy color?

Vaseline Self tanning lotion VS Jergens tanning lotion?
Do you mean the tanning moisturizers? I found the Jergen's to be ok. I was very careful applying it and found that its effect was so slight that I'd have to use if for about two weeks to really see any difference. I didn't notice any orange. I do prefer tanning, though it is not great for your health.
Reply:i use jergans and it works great for me. but if u dont wash ur hands after usiong it ur hands will turn orange but other than that i ♥ it.

*~♥hope i helped!♥~*
Reply:I have tried them and I now believe that they are all going to turn you orange. I just said forget it and started going tanning.
Reply:i have used jergens it did a good job but you HAVE to apply it evenly or you will get streaks but that applies to any self tanning lotion.
Reply:I've only used the Jergens. You have to be really careful washing your hands after applying. I got this nasty tan line on my wrist from washing my hands. Just wash the palms of your hands and in between your fingers.
Reply:Vaseline works but I like Jergens better. Vaseline leaves you orangeish.
Reply:Jergens worked for me. Before you put it on exfoliate really good %26amp; I also mixed it with a little lotion so it wont go on streaky