Thursday, May 7, 2009

Skin discoloration from tanning?

When I get a tan, my face ends up discolored in certian areas. Any suggestions on how to prevent this?

Skin discoloration from tanning?
If you have "blotches" that don't tan or tan unevenly it can be caused by a skin fungus that is ordinarily invisible. If this is the case try using Head-and-Shoulders shampoo as a body wash when you shower.
Reply:Use lots of sun screen--or don't get a tan--your body may be telling you something....See a demotologist--a skin specialist---they might be able to give you more tips...if your skin is sensitive to sunlight or artificial light--it is best to avoid exposing it to the sun in this way--it could lead to cancer...
Reply:You need to exfoliate well when tanning. It is due to all the dead skin cells.
Reply:Try using a light tanner on the face like Malibu hemp or one of the many others it slowly adds tan to the skin. they range from 5 to 10 dollars depending on what you use. Hope it helps.
Reply:It could be from dead skin could also be from a skin disorder...many people have it and don't know it. Depends on what kind of "discoloration" your talking about. If they are spots that are lighter then the rest of your skin, this is a pigment husband and my son have the same thing on their backs. They have a spot that has much less pigment than the rest of their skin. I would first try exfoliating very well and it is best to tan right after a shower...clean skin tans better...just take your shower and make sure to wash your face really well, then tan right after...if that does not help, I would see a dermatologist. Good luck!
Reply:that means you stay under sun for long hours. dont be under sun about 12.00- 15.00 and use sun protection creams with SPF30 or more.

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