Friday, November 20, 2009

Does a normal black light cause tanning?

i know that ultraviolet light (UVA 315-400 mm wavelength) aka blacklight, causes melanin to be built up, causing a suntan tan. does a regular blacklight that makes light colored objects glow give you a tan?

Does a normal black light cause tanning?
Most likely, yes. Black lights and tanning lights (fluorescent tubes) are similar in that they use a mercury discharge to generate ultraviolet light. In a standard fluorescent tube used for lighting, the inside of the tube is lined with a mineral powder that fluoresces when hit by ultraviolet light and glows with visible light. There is still some UV light that makes it through, and I have a lamp with one of the earlier screw-in fluorescent substitutes that uses a circular tube. The lamp shade has been destroyed by the small amount of UV light coming through over the years. This is likely to emerge as an issue if incandescent bulbs are banned, especially when illuminating artwork. Tanning tubes allow more UV light through, and I'd imagine blacklight tubes let the most UV light through of all.

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