Friday, November 20, 2009

Does tanning in a tanning bed help improve your mood?

I own a tanning shop :)

It does make you feel good for a small amount of time, but prolonged exposion can give you headaches

Does tanning in a tanning bed help improve your mood?
no. not at all. if it does, then it is just in your head. it just makes you have wrinkles when you're 20.
Reply:actually, it hasnt been tested at all, but i have had a mood change after tanning. I would always be stressed out...and then i got to the tanning bed and the stress just rolls away. It might be becuase your laying down and listening to music that relaxes you, but i personally feel better after tanning...
Reply:No it doesn't improve your mood but it does give you wrinkles though:(
Reply:I'm not an advocate for tanning but in the dead of winter my skin gets so dry and flaky that I found going just once or twice made my skin better and yes my mood did was so bone a little vacation from the -20 weather
Reply:It does improve my mood. I find it relaxing. Plus i love a good tan.
Reply:It totally does, you can call a doctor or a therapist and they will agree, it is recommended even for post partum depression and just for winter blues. It is a real kind of therapy and it works! I had to go somewhere cold a few months ago and i was like, oh man, it is so depressing here! I bought some tanning minutes when I was out of town to make it seem less bogged down and yucky. As soon as i got in that bed, I could feel my soul recharging a little bit. When I finally got home, I was like-yea-it is happy here! And sunny! I love it like so much!
Reply:well mkaing your skin look healthier and what not can make you feel better, and usually it helps you just relax, so possibly.
Reply:Actually this has been tested. And yes, tanning is proven to improve your mood. In Alaska, during that time of year when it always dark, the people use artificial lighting so they won't go nuts. So yeah it helps.
Reply:Yes it does. Makes you feel good! The real sun makes you feel good too. This is true.
Reply:It makes me feel better. I live in Maine and the winters can be a bit dreary. I go 1 or 2 a week, 10 minutes max.

Maybe its the boost to my complexion that I like.
Reply:No. It just blinds you, gives wrinkles, and you get skin cancer. Any more questions?

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  1. It really does! I always noticed this and then stumbled upon this question and decided to check it out. It gives you this deep relaxed and very warm feeling. Especially if when you are done you step out into the wintery cold :) anyone who just says it only gives you wrinkles I will bet has never even set foot in a tanning salon.