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Is the "tingle" tanning bed lotion dangerous?

My legs are very hard to tan, but I was reading that the thing to use for that is the "tingle" lotion. Has anybody used this, does it work, and is it dangerous?

Is the "tingle" tanning bed lotion dangerous?
No its perfectly fine.

"Premium tanning products can be formulated with TINGLE to aid in the process of tanning. Tingle tanning lotions and sprays contain high concentrations of natural vitamins and botanical oils that stimulate the skin’s microcirculation by bringing blood closer to the surface of the skin. By stimulating the skin with Tingle, the blood along with melanin is forced to the surface. This can aid in the tanning process and may get you through your tanning plateau. It is best to start with lower levels of Tingle in your tanning supplies. As you progress, working up to higher levels of Tingle tanning power, it is recommended that you start using tanning lotions with a low Tingle power so your body becomes accustomed to the stimulation. As your body adjusts over several tanning sessions, you may gradually work to higher levels. "

Whatever you read otherwise is nonsense. Over time your body may become accustomed to the tingle but it wont hurt you.
Reply:Ask the people at the tanning place.

I'm sure they know better then we do and would be happy to answer your questions. :]
Reply:I doubt the lotion is dangerous, but you are already setting yourself up for getting cancer by going to a tanning bed so what's one more factor.
Reply:It's not dangerous. It just feels "hot" - I personally don't like it... There are different degrees of "tingle factor", so check into it. There are also lotions w/ a cooling factor...much nicer...

Here is a clip from Wikepedia:

Tingle is the de facto standard description for indoor tanning lotions that contain ingredients that increase blood flow at the skin level. This is because the ingredients cause the wearer to experience a tingling sensation (of varying degree). The science behind the concept is more theory than proof, but it is usually accomplished using irritants or chemicals that cause a reddening sensation, flushing the user's skin.

People react differently to the ingredients, and one lotion that has no tingle effect on one person may cause mild pain in another. This is why it is impossible to create a system of rating tingle that is objective. Some companies do offer ratings that offer some guidance to the consumer, but it is not standardized. Most companies produce lotions with and without ingredients that tingle, as many do not prefer this method of tan enhancement or find it uncomfortable.
Reply:i don't think its dangerous but i think it feels funny after your done tanning - -kind of cold and makes you want to wash it off
Reply:No the tingle lotion is not dangerous. Tanning itself is dangerous but the lotion is not. I go tanning and have legs which are also hard to tan and I have gotten fabulos results from Swedish Beauty Unforgiven tanning lotion which has bronzers and a T40 tingle. It works great. Some people don't like the tingle feeling though as it does make you really hot and feel like your burning then you stay red for about a hour after you leave the salon so I would reccomend using a packet before buying a bottle, to make sure you don't mind the feeling.
Reply:tingle lotion is not dangerous but it also depends on your skin. you should try it buy just putting a small amount on your arm and see how your skin reacts if you have sensitive skin then i suggest something else.. for a sec rout you could try and use triple bronzers for your legs.. in then they have extra color to help tan hard to tan areas. i had to use that on my face and it worked wonders.....
Reply:yeah, the tingle lotions are definitely the best if u wanna get super dark!!! i`ve used these exclusively for about 5+ years %26amp; would never consider using anything else, even for outdoor tanning!!! they do make your skin super-hot (because they contain various ingredients to increase blood circulation), and some people find the warming sensation`s possible also that you may find yourself allergic to one or more of the ingredients (especially if you have sensitive skin)...people have been known to break out in hives, i would suggest taking a small amount %26amp; doing a "patch" test on a small area of your leg before you go to tan, %26amp; see how your skin reacts in that area...i don`t personally think the tingle lotions are "dangerous", but they are for serious, experienced tanners!!!
Reply:The reason that your legs are hardest to tan is because they are furthest away from your heart. I worked at a tanning salon and we recommended that only advanced tanners(with a good base) use tingle. Some people like it and some people hate it. In my own experience, i loved it. if your not sure, try a sample of it on a small area then you will know what to expect, just be sure to not put it on your face. Be prepared to itch and your skin will be red because a tingle brings the blood to the surface of the skin. Also, keep moisturized before and after you tan and don't shower for a hour after if you use lotion.

Also look at the different tingles, they each have different tingle factors in them ranging from a T3 to T50

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