Monday, November 16, 2009

Working at a tanning salon.?

how old do you have to be (im 16.)

and what do you usually do?

what kind of tans are there

just basic stuff please =]

Working at a tanning salon.?
I'm 17 and I've been working at the tanning salon my parents own for about 3 years. I live in a small rural town, so I dont know what they do it the big time places. What i do at my jobs is when people call i take appointments, but most of my tanners are walk-ins. If the tanner is new then the fill out a new sheet with contact information and other things concering their skin care and tanning habits, all tanners under 18 have to have parents signiture on those sheets. You may have to ring up package purchases or lotion purchases. You'll have record (either on a computer or in a regular filing system) if the tanner has purchased minutes and when they tan you'll probably have to subtract that amount from the amount of minutes they have. Busy season is comming up, it always does before prom time. Really besides that, all you have to do is clean beds and help people out, im sure if you got the job your boss would tell you waht you had to do... It's not difficult i've been doin it since 7th or 8th grade... As soon as you learn the ropes it'll be simple for you.
Reply:Now is the BEST time to apply at a tanning salon! They are heiring big time for busy season.

Since you would be new, your main job would be to clean beds. During busy season salons have two-three people working. One runs the computer and the others clean the beds. I have managed a salon for about two years, and it's been an amazing time!

There are many different tans. Each salon is different. You start out at the 20 min basic bed and move up, but they salon owner can explain that to you!

16 is a great age to start working!

My advice is to go up to all the tanning salons in your area during the week, or call the tanning salons in the moring. Its always best to call in the morning because you are more likely to talk to the owner. Just call around and apply at lots!

Good luck! you will love it!
Reply:Hey sexy girl! That would be a great job for you!

Clean beds mostly and recomend lotions and stuff! Try to learn the computer and how the records are done! Oh! And no queefing on the job!;oP

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